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Rockford Steel Building Manufacturer in South Carolina

As the demand for steel buildings throughout the United States continued to rise in the late 90’s, Sunward decided to expand their manufacturing operations. They purchased a new manufacturing facility just outside of Charleston, South Carolina to keep up with the demand on the eastern side of the United States. The new factory named, Rockford™ Manufacturing is located along I-95, providing a direct route north and south throughout the US and also provides easy access to Eastern US ports. This allows for affordable, fast shipping to the entire east coast. The new factory was a necessary addition for Sunward to support growth through manufacturing excellence and quality customer service.

Superior Quality

罗克福德制造钢铁部ilding systems with pride, and commitment to traditional American quality. We have kept true to our commitment by designing and purchasing the most advanced technology in machinery and computer aided manufacturing equipment. Rockford’s state of the art factory in Walterboro, South Carolina is one of the most modern and innovative of its kind. Our investment in computerized engineering and manufacturing enables us to produce as many as 20 buildings per day. The products manufactured by Rockford Steel Building Systems are available in all shapes, sizes and styles. Rockford Steel Building Systems is a marketing oriented company.

We believe all corporate functions must serve the needs of the customer. Our professional sales, marketing, and engineering teams are dedicated to meeting each and every customer’s needs. We are confident in providing you with the finest pre-engineered steel building products available in the market today. Every Rockford Steel Building System is manufactured with the highest of qualities and meets or exceeds all standard building requirements.

Our Values

When it comes to our values, we may be a little old-fashioned. We are okay with that. For more than 40 years we have been manufacturing customized steel buildings for both public and private customers. And, over those years we have learned many things, but none as important as the value of treating people with honesty and integrity. As a result, we believe in doing the job right. That is why we refuse to sacrifice quality for the sake of money. We believe everyone should have the building of their dreams at a fair and honest price. And, that building must be built to last a long time. That is why we say our buildings will last 100 years.

Rockford’s Affiliate Companies

Rockford Manufacturingmanufactures steel buildings formanbetx客户端官网in the Eastern half of the US, whileWedgCor Steel Buildingssupplies the Western half of the US.




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Sunward Steel Building Factory


As a family-owned business, we take pride in our craftsmanship and the work we do for our customers. And we take pride in our dedicated team. In fact, we have employees who have been with us from the start in 1972. Many of them have helped pioneer our metal building technology and many of our cornerstone quality standards. They have put their hearts into Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. With our three factories in North Dakota and South Carolina, we are proud to say that your Sunward steel building is made in the USA. It is made by a proud team of individuals that work as a family. We promise that each and every building is crafted with the highest quality standards. After all, you are not just buying a building, you are buying a Sunward Steel Building

If you can dream it, we can make it! With over 40 years of experience, our team of experts can help you reach your steel building goals. The Rockford team is poised and ready to help you build a strong and proud building that fits your design needs. We pride ourselves in doing things right the first time, which means creating the best building for you.

The experience begins with relationship building. For as long as we have been in business, we have understood the importance of quality and meaningful relationships. Our superiorly crafted Rockford products are a byproduct of our excellent customer service. Whether you are in the market for an aircraft hangar, barndominium, steel home, shop or garage, we can deliver. Our collaborative knowledge and meticulous attention to detail are what it takes to make your building dreams come true!